Musical Shopping

October 5, 2016 3:05 am

This morning I visited Macron Music in Erina, I saw more instrumental products have been displayed. I was not particularly wanting to get something but I am compulsive buyer. The emotion gets me everytime. 🙂

Yet I don’t loose perspective and very logical about purchasing anything. Luke @ Macron Music assisted me, and I got a chance to test the BOSS RC30 Loop Station. See short clips

I played with it for a while. I quite liked it and I put this product on my Things-To-Own-List. I didn’t get this but I bought RC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer which is being ordered and I will pick it up when it is at the store.

The reason? I am a vocalist and I would like to expose more of my way of singing on every gig. This harmonizer is first priority on the list.

I will write another note when I get it.



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