5 instant ways to get out of depression

June 22, 2017 5:09 am

Combat depression with 5 ways tips by cha

The cause of being stressed out or depressed are plenty. I think I know what you feel if you are in depression right now. I have this occurrence symptoms time to time. I fuckin’ hate it. It’s bitter and it just sucks. Couple of years ago I even had a regular “talk” session with physiologist in Sydney. Enough about that. Let’s get into it.
What I am about to share is nothing but some actions that are so obvious that we all know logically. But, because you’re depressed, your brain tells you “I don’t want to do anything.”   Justification at play.

Many people runs to violence, alcohol and drugs which creates worse consequences. I don’t think it’s smart and simply stupid.


Try to do these tips, heck.. DO THESE forcefully to yourself, no matter what. KICK YOUR OWN ASS!

These surely work for me. 

  1. Run, walk or do some exercise at the gym. No excuse. This is easy. Just put on your running shoes (any shoes or barefeet will do) and start it
  2. Listen to MUSIC or watch movie at the cinema. Turn on loud enough to listen for about 5 songs or more. Give yourself time just doing this.
  3. Get out and go to someplace you’ve never been before. Drive your car or take a taxi to go. Pick a destination and just go without thinking about you don’t feel like it.
  4. Drive (if you drive) around and put the estero on with your favourite music loud enough or some positivity talks no matter how bullshit you think.
  5. Meditation. Okay, I can see your eyes rolling reading this. I understand you don’t want to spare time and sit still in quiet like Buddha or some Yoga Guru from India. That is a great practice anyway. But you don’t have to do that to meditate. You can just sit or laying down and thinking about the happiest moment you had in the past or any accomplishment. It doesn’t matter how small. Stays with that frame of mind for as long as you can. Your brain will work naturally to replace the stressful thoughts with something unthreatening. It just works like that. If you practice religion, this is a good time to do that too. Talk to your God. Not just hoping and praying. Talk and have a conversation with your God. 

These are simple actions you can do. Don’t just read this, pick the number and do this every time you feel “down”.
The most important thing is deal with every uncomfortable situation you face. Anything will change including your worst nightmare. 

You are not alone, remember that. Millions are struggle with depression. Simply fuck the trouble and deal with it! 🤘🏽😁



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