10x your Life

June 23, 2017 5:39 pm

10x your life bu cha cahyadi
We are a creature of habit. We are what we regularly do. Here is I suggest the most vital habit you need to adopt. Add this to your list – “10X”

This is not my idea, but by Grand Cardone – one of the most successful entrepreneur I am influenced by. 

Since I do this my personally has changed, I am more fearful, being okay with failure, rejection and more aggressive. 

What is 10X?

The term “10x” means basically anything you do, do it ten times more than you usually do. Being resilient. 

If your job in in sale, sell your product or service ten times more than usually do. Email, call or talk ten times more in prospecting. Any business activities.

In your personal life too. Spend time 10 times more with your family, spouse, kids. You always find time to tdo it. No excuses. 

Blogging, smiling, walking, networking, getting to know people, exercising, socialising — anything positive. 

If you are serious in reshaping yourself into better person, you want to do this. 

Practice this repeatedly it will become a habit, after while it becomes your characteristic. 

You are what your habits. 10x your life. 



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